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Helping Siblings Resolve Conflict
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A four-step plan to help your kids work through conflict
The number one rule when conflict breaks out
The two main reasons for conflict and how to address them
What it takes for them to handle conflict on their own.
Mindsets that will help you stay calm amongst the bickering
How to teach a problem solving technique that they can use throughout their lives
Keira Merkovsky, LCSW
Many parents struggle to tolerate the bickering that seems to be non-stop when the kids are together in the same room.
The incessant arguing, nit-picking, blaming, and power struggles over seemingly insignificant issues...
We issue warnings, take deep breaths, and offer suggestions to no avail. 
And when it doesn't stop, and becomes too much to bear, we lose it.
Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way!
Kids WANT to get along, as much as we want them to.
You can help them learn the valuable life skill of conflict resolution by following the 4 steps outlined in this Masterclass.
Your kids CAN learn to get along!
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